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Cristiano Ronaldo: Top Goals for Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

Today on the birthday of Cristiano Ronaldo I want to share some of his top goals for Manchester United. He moved on from the club more than a decade ago, but he is one of the best football players of all times. And what better occasion to relive some of his top goals for us then on his birthday.

Ronaldo went on to make 196 appearances for Manchester United in the league, scoring 82 goals and winning 132 of those matches. He also scored 15, 13 and 4 goals in Champions League, FA Cup, and EFL Cup respectively.

He scored tons of amazing goals for us and if you try thinking you will surely have two or three pop up instantly. For me, the free kick against Portsmouth and that brilliant run against Arsenal are the two. Here are two of the top videos from Youtube showcasing his time at Manchester United.


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Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo !!!

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