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Why Mourinho Needs To Be Sacked At Manchester United?

Why Mourinho Needs To Be Sacked

When LVG was finally sacked and Mourinho was appointed every Manchester United had a believe that finally the glory days would be back but fast forward to December 2018, we our no where near what we used to be and many could argue that we are even worse.

I have been a Manchester United fan for over a decade now and have never witnessed so much negativity around the club. The people who have the power to bring about a change are living in the false reality where to them Manchester United is only a business entity and not a football club. We are not challenging for the top 4, already out of the League Cup and with the way we have been playing, Champions League is a far off dream and this to me seems to be an loss in business perceptive as well hence, I am worried What the Hell is going on with the management.

Coming to the point of why Mourinho needs to be sacked is the fact that nearly 2.5 years have gone and still this squad is no where close to his team, we have not improved, we are not challenging for anything and the most important thing is the fact the we have lost the X factor which gave fear to every opponent that came to Old Trafford. Yes Jose has won everything there has to be but it was all in the past, what matters is the present and that doesn’t give him the credits to retain his job.

Jose Mourinho has been living in past for far too long and it seems that his ambition to be the main man in the team has in a very large way has destroyed the club. Reports are there that more than 80% of the squad has fallen apart with the manager and it also seems to be his own fault. History proves Jose has always had rifts with his players and his second tenure at Chelsea is the latest example.

Salah, KDB and Hazard all prove that the right system is required to get the best of a player which Jose hasn’t figured out yet. Our current squad can be so much better under the right system which allows them to play there natural game. Everyone one saw the potential of Pogba at Juventus and for France as well but the same is not replicated at United. Jose’s tactics doesn’t seem to work with this United team but he has not yet accepted it and is not ready to evolve. Typical Mourinho teams have always had good defenders and a proper leader at the CB and it is an area where United lacks and yet he tries to build his game around them neglecting the fact that we have few of the best attackers in the world. You are not going to get the best out of Pogba, Martial and co when instead of going forward all they are worried about is going back and defend.

Jose continues to speak about the backing in the market but it is fact Manchester United is only second to City in terms of combined spending in the past two three years and yet we are nowhere near to them. Sometimes it seems he makes team selections only to taunt the owners that see you did not support me in the market hence I am playing Scott and Matic at CB. Andreas Pereira had one bad game and was no where to be found for months, 50 million buy Fred is not even in the match day squads for most of the matches, Pogba has a bad day and is benched for days but Matic has been awful this season and still he continues to play.

We have only 1 win in last 5 and that too against Fulham who sits at bottom of the league. We have dropped far too many points at home and there is no way back when you cannot beat Crystal Palace and Southampton in back to back games. We are 18 points of the league leaders City and 17 points of number 20 proves the situation in which the team is in.

Manager is first person who is blamed for the performance at a club but here Mourinho has always a reason or other to cry about instead of accepting the mistakes. Yes players are to blame, our squad is not good enough but that is another topic of discussion. The agenda is to express my views that if things are to change at Manchester United then it has to start with sacking Jose Mourinho and bringing someway who knows to play United way.

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