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Manchester United Sack Jose Mourinho

Manchester United Sack Jose Mourinho
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After months of dismal performances and negativity, Manchester United today finally announced that Jose Mourinho has left the club with immediate effect. There are tons of fans who are divided on this decision but now it is not the time to debate but the time to rebuild and move on.

The first step towards solving the problems at Manchester United has been taken and the management should not stop now. The next thing on the list should be to get a Director of Football as currently Ed Woodword has taken over complete charge of critical decision making and by this time it is quite clear how ineffective those decisions had been. We have seen 4-5 years of inefficient game play in terms of footballing decisions whether be the managers or the players that were bought or sold. Ed Woodword is great at bringing in money for the club and should continue doing the same only.

After that the club should be ruthless in letting some of its players go. You cannot rebuild with the squad we have. To play at the level at which other top teams are playing in the league some of these changes are mandatory. Players like Valencia, Jones, Smalling, Young should be allowed to leave and we need to bring in specialist and established players in to the fold.

Coming back to the point of who is going to be our manager. As per the announcement Carrick is going to take care of training for the next days post which an interim manager would be announced till the end of season. Now the best thing would be to bring in someone whom the players know, the fans know and one who knows the club in and out. What United needs at this moment is someone who can bring back happiness and flair back in the squad. Believe it or not the mental happiness plays a lot in the way the players carry out themselves on the field and under a happy environment most of the players are going to be around 50-60 percent better of what they are now. Carrick is going to be part of the fold anyhow in my opinion and i believe Evra to be involved as well in some capability.

The final task would be to find the next permanent manager and this time rather looking for someone who has won everything, the club should look for someone who knows the united way, that is who knows to win matches, promote youth and play that aggressive style of football which made united deadly for nearly two decades. And with this appointment the management should also be ready to spend in huge cash as you got to give the new manager freedom to bring in the players and start his own team.

And definitely the current players have to bring up their game now. All those reasons of playing defensive boring football is no longer valid now and hence the only way to prove is to perform. And considering the fact that no one would be a guaranteed a stay here next season, only performance is what can convince the new manager to keep them.

Finally, I am thankful to Mourinho for his first and second season at the club. The first season he got us two trophies and brought back some belief that we can be a force again. The second season started of on fire and it seemed Jose was the answer to all the problems at United. But don’t know what went wrong during the end of last season and then this season. Although it was not entirely his fault but yes he had a major part to play in it and the recent performances demanded the sack.

Hopefully, fans will come out of the disappointing mind zone now and with the fresh mindset we can try to be best at whatever is left in the season.

Glory Glory Man United !!!!!!

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