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My Love for Football and Manchester United

It all started in 2002, when my father first decided to show me the world cup final. From then onwards it was bits and pieces of me enjoying the games here or there as with no cable at home, watching football matches was not that easy in India. Fast forward to 2007, I had dish installed in my house which acquainted me with the grandeur of the Premier league and everything changed.

With players like Ronaldo, Rooney, Vidic, Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand etc, Manchester United’s dominance in England was at another level and I just fell in love with each and everything about the team. Ronaldo became my instant hero and till date there is no one who for me can take his place and every MU fan will somehow understand my feeling. Initially I used to watch only their games and I still remember the 2008 Champions league final and it was that game which made me realise the passion which football instills into the players and the fans.

I went to college and there was no source to watch matches and with time, the interest was lost . I use to follow the scores but rarely got any opportunity to watch the matches live. Things changed when MU signed Persie and the buzz was too much to resist. I slowly started watching the games and it continued the same for next two three years.

It was 2015 and I moved to Pune and started working. I had a TV and fortunately the room mates who shared similar passion for the game or rather greater than what I used to have. Thanks to them, the crazy fever was back. First thing which I did was going through thousands of content on both Wikipedia and Youtube just to cover up the lost time. I needed to know everything which went through the football world in that time. Quickly i was in sync with everyone and everything, best matches, the best goals, top scorers, winners, loosers, transfers, sackings, everything. As now it was not only about the game played on the field but also about everything connected to this beautiful game as well.

Weekend was never the same again. The discussion around the teams, playing XI, tactics, bench, injuries, transfer rumours etc was all we talked about. The level to which we got involved in discussions regarding the game was just something so unnatural as no matter what you say or what you do you just cannot convince any football fan to change his favorite team or his favorite player and hence the debate went on and on and on.

It’s 2018, I don’t miss a single match that United plays, be it League, League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League or even the PreSeason friendlies. There is something special about this game and especially about this team which makes me eager to wait for the next #MatchDay.

Manchester United has always made sure that it doesn’t let its fans down, and therefore I will stand by you even in your darkest days.The start hasn’t been up to the mark but hey! don’t worry cause even if the sky is filled with the clouds, the sun still shines above!

I am a Manchester United fan and a football fan forever and I hope someday I will be sitting in the Theatre of Dreams watching my favorite team play.

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