Authentic Indian Problems : Sensitivity and Ego

Every now and then, violence, bandhs, and vandalization occur here or there in India and the root cause of each and every one of them is either sensitivity, ego or traditional beliefs. Never the cause makes any sense to me nor to any one I know personally but then also there are thousands of people protesting and I really don’t know who these people are.

I am pretty sure most of them are not even aware about the cause for which they are protesting for. They just follow their leaders blindly and take inadequate actions which affects mostly those sections of society which had nothing to do with the actual cause. Shopkeepers, daily wagers, random people roaming on the roads just at the bad time are the ones who suffer.

Yes you won a battle a 200 years ago, Yes it is a matter of pride for you. But why not treat it a battle which you won and someone lost rather than a symbolic victory of lower caste on upper caste.
Yes 200 years ago, one group was superior to the other but in present day scenario I don’t think there is any substantial gap between the two in terms of income, jobs etc. Drop that ego of superiority of your caste, it is not worth of so much fuss.

Authentic Indian problems are bound to occur whenever something obnoxious is felt by large group of people. In a democratic country like ours, where people are destined to have the rights of freedom, speech and expression, people often stumble while voicing their thoughts and opinions. What could be the reason behind this? Not being offensive, but are Indians largely non-working? Cause it is highly unfavorable for working class to find out time to protest against something which makes absolutely no sense at all. Why not people project this amount of energy and enthusiasm into doing something productive?

Another recent event revolving around the release of Padmavati movie also falls under the same category. If you don’t believe in what they are making don’t go and see it, don’t promote it, who are you to stop others from watching it. It’s meant for entertainment, that’s it.

Two three years back another film which had a scene where a man dressed up as Lord Shiva was seen abusing came into limelight. No one was beaten, no death threats were issued but somehow that movie never released. Some proper steps were taken by people who got offended and the problem was resolved later. Same could have been done here instead of burning the sets or threatening the artists.

I can bet some of us were not even aware of Bajirao and Mastani before a film was made on them. Why be so sensitive, treat it as a movie and if your history is that great, a simple movie is not going to destroy it.

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