What India Needs To Understand

What India needs to understand is the fact that the government isn’t going to do everything for them, the government is not going to solve all their problems or spoon feed it’s countrymen until we decide to take the charge. Yes, we elected our leaders and brought them power so that they can clean up the mess created after 67-68 years of Independence. Until and unless we join hands, no BJP or Congress can help us.

Last year this time after Diwali, Delhites were unable to breathe. Dust and smoke had covered up the city, people were forced to wear mask and glasses just to walk properly in open, it was similar to some fictional fantasy movie set up in the future but it wasn’t. Back to present, Supreme Court made our job easy by banning the sales of crackers thinking it might make people realize that today’s efforts will help the future generations, so burning crackers should be avoided for a clean environment. But to no avail. Now everyone is blabbering about how no one does anything to solve the problem of pollution in the city. For once in life, people should self introspect before protesting.

Not only this, people want the cities to be developed, roads to be safe, corruption to vanish without realizing that we are at the core of it. 5 minutes of traffic and even educated ones start honking the horns and take the wrong side. Traffic police stops you for not carrying your papers, or not wearing the helmets and 99 percent of us don’t get the official Challan made but what we do is give the cop 100 200 rupees and just walk free.

Yes Demonetization was a failure, but the idea on whole was brilliant but the way it was implemented made sure it failed. I still don’t know what the government could have done better but yes everyone around us knows all the different tricks people used to go around and get their black money converted into white. Yes, Indians are Jugaadu!

Every single friend of mine feels that reservations when introduced in the society way back were a boon but now it’s an undue advantage and it should not be there as many suffer because of it. But now there are people who in present times want more reservation and for that they do stuffs which not only are senseless but also harm the commoners. Why do we need more reservations as if the existing ones are less. We don’t need useless protest and chaos anymore people.

I respect cows and we have worshiped them from a long long time & even I want them safe. But there are other problems existing in UP and particularly in India on the whole that can be solved or at least worked upon, some of them being development, crimes, rapes etc but we decide to put them on halt. Great!

Like for an individual to succeed he needs to work upon himself, similarly we as a nation need to realize things which are important and which are not and that we just can’t sit and wait for someone else to solve our problems. Yes the government has not done much, yes they have not delivered what they promised to but what India needs right now is not a new leader or government but a moment to realize the depth of the problems and further work upon finding their solutions collectively.

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