Tablets in India in 2017

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Tablets for me are still the best media devices and if you go back say four or five years the market would suggest the same. Everyone was exploring the possibilities, at every launch event along with smartphones there were specific tablet launches and much more.

But a lot has changed since then, hardly anyone is betting on tablet these days except Apple who has been the sole ruler in this segment apart from Samsung who launches one of them here and there. Unlike smartphones, you don’t have that “Option” thing in tablets. Say for example Xiaomi launched the Mi Pad in India and it was awesome but it still decided against bringing the Pad 2 and Pad 3.

Yes, the market has shattered and a proof is that even giant like Google which once ruled the Android tablet section with their Nexus series are not even interested and the main reason behind the same seems to be the introduction of so called Phablets which gives you an experience which falls right between that of a smartphone and a tablet. But using a say 6″ or 6.4″ device on daily basis for making calls, texting etc still doesn’t seem ideal for me.

As a person who loves gadgets I would always try to have a dedicated device for things I do and recently I felt the need to buy an Android tablet but the market is not offering me anything here in India in sub 20K price range. Samsung is still selling 3 or 4 years old tablets that run on Android 4 or 5. Few other options include the recently launched MediaPad T3 series from Honor but I have never been a fan of Huawei or their skin so there goes that option.

Lenovo has few offering but in 2017 I don’t get the fact that you are offering 16 GB of internal storage for Rs 17000. Android already takes up a lot and with all those bloatware there is hardly 7 or 8 GB left which after 3 or 4 months hampers the overall experience a lot.That’s it either I buy one from Alcatel which i believe no one does or get one Mi Pad series imported from China.

If I am not buying a tablet just because I feel there is anything in market right now worth buying then there would be many more and for them I hope something changes in the future and we have at least most of the devices which are launched else where brought to India.

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