Indian Web Series that are worth your time! Check out.

The quality of content in the web series these days is far superior to those silly dramas airing on traditional TV channels in India. It all mainly started with the launch of The Viral Fever channel on Youtube and after that there was no stopping.

None of my friends watch any of those daily soaps but everyone is quite updated about the web series which are being aired on YouTube.

I have personally watched many of them and here I am listing out some of the bests which everyone should definitely watch. Since they were aired some time ago, you can easily finish them in one go.

SIT : Men The Real Victims 

A simple sketch on the lives of a married couple which hilariously depicts how in every argument in the house it’s the man who is always the victim(Fun intended).

SIT- Pyar Ka Punch

If you liked Men the Real Victims then you are surely going to love this one. Again about a married couple and how the husband here every time finds a way of doing things the way he wants buy convincing the wife that it is what she wants.

Y Films – Bang Baja Baaraat

This is a hilarious tail of marriage of two people with totally different backgrounds and the struggle they face when their families come together.

The Aam Aadmi Family

This one is about a small, middle class typical indian family of five and their day to day lives. With beautiful moments and extra ordinary acting many would easily relate with the characters being portrayed.

Life Sahi Hai

If laughter is what you desire then this has to be the one. It’s a story about 4 friends living together in New Delhi and the women’s in their lives.

TVF Pitchers

This has to be the best web series available in India by Indians. Everything from story, dialogues and performance was top notch. It’s about the journey or the chain of events that depicts the life of 4 friends who leave there high paying jobs to enter into the business world by establishing their own venture.

TVF Permanent Roomates

This cute little love story of an unusual couple Tanya and Mikesh, who had been in a long distance relationship for 3 years and barely knew each other decided to move in together, has already completed two seasons and for sure is one the most loved web series in India. You will get along and remember each and every character of this show easily.

TVF Trippling

Road trips are something which you usually plan with your friends but ever thought off a road trip with your siblings? The show is about three siblings who have not met for quite a long time, embarking a trip which brings laughter and emotions on every stop. Eventually, the trip helps them rediscover the lost essence of their relationships.

These are few of my favorites but the list doesn’t end here. There are a lot more and if you are already done with all of these move on to What the Folks, Baked, Man’s World and the School Days by Timeliners.

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