Best eating junctions in Pune – for those in need of a break from curry!

With its perfect climate, exotic destinations, diverse people and the delicious food, Pune has to be one of the best cities to live in India. And one thing which you just cannot or must not miss when in Pune is it’s yummy food. Eyeing the number of youths that live here there are so many destinations where you can go and you will want to go again and again for a great gastronomic experience.

Consider this as a checklist of places you surely need to cover when you are in Pune the next time.

Vohuman Cafe

You need to visit Vohuman very early in the morning in order to cover the best they have to offer. Ask anyone and they will tell you this is a part of Pune’s history. Try the mouth-watering cheese omlet, cream plate and the bun maska here.


Again a place where you can go just to eat something which you might not have eaten ever before. As the name suggest they serve everything that has eggs and you would surely be surprised to see the menu and the food presentation. Yum!!


For all those vegetarians out there this is a must visit for lunch when in Pune. Go empty stomach and and enjoy the Indian thali which you surely won’t regret. If you  are lucky enough to be there during the Mango season, Aamras is just going to be the jackpot.

AB’s – Absolute Barbecues

Specially for the hardcore non- vegetarians out there, try this  barbecue place instead of all those old chains. Their live counter serves bunny, octopus, squid and god knows what all variety of foods. Not to forget they have the best dessert section I have been to till date.

Hyderabad House

If you have never been to Hyderabad then probably you have never eaten the best biryani served in the country. Pune is not as great as that but the taste offered here will surely last in your taste bud for a long long time. Try the spicy Aroma Chicken Biryani here.

Apache High Streets/Hidden Place 

You cannot leave Pune without enjoying its night life and these two here offer the best balance of economy and fun. Music, drinks, food and the ambiance everything is just about perfect to make sure you have a great time.

Visiting all these sites will take almost an entire day and by the end of it, you would have covered nearly all joints for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case you still have time try these ones below as well. 

Garden Vada Pav Centre 

You just cannot come to Pune and not eat the vada pav here. It’s almost available everywhere but if you need to try it this has to be the place where you do.

Shiv Kailash

If you are ever in need of eating sweet anytime in Pune this has to be an option. They have a very small menu but its very very sweet. Try the Faluda ice cream , double malai lassi here.

Kayani Bakery

It’s one of the most famous and oldest bakery in Pune and it’s a must visit spot for there  shrewsbury biscuits & mawa cakes. They are temporarily closed due to some license issue but hopefully they will be open soon.

Chitale Bandhu

Again an important name in Pune, this one is the most famous sweet shop around. Get some bhakarwadis & chakalis from there for sure.

German Bakery

A popular hangout spot for the foreigners in Pune. Visit this early morning for a breakfast or a brunch and do try the red velvet cake.

For all those coming from other states to Pune try the Misel Pav and the dabeli somewhere. You won’t get these two dishes outside Maharashtra so trying them out is a necessity.

All of the aforementioned sites serve some brilliant delicacies and you surely should not miss even a single one of them.

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