A part of you can save a life- Be a Donor! Be a Saviour!

India has acute shortage of organs for people in desperate need of it and for one of the highest populated country in the world the only solution that can be thought of is to make people aware of this unfortunate scenario and try to convince them to come forward and become a donor.

Number of people who die everyday due to unavailability of organs is huge and nobody cares about it. Legally, only immediate family members are allowed to donate organs and if they are not a match or if they don’t want to donate then the only option is to go on the wait list and wait for your turn to come.

To explain the present situation in India I would like to take up Kidney transplant as an example.

Back in December 2010 someone I knew got diagnosed with kidney failure and the only option which was given was to get a transplant as soon as possible or sustain on dialysis. Now three of his family members came forward but due to one reason or the other like high blood pressure, kidney stone etc., all were deemed not capable of becoming a donor.

Next step was to go and get registered in the list through which you can get a donor. This happened in 2011 and the waiting period which was given to the patient was somewhere around 4 to 5 years. Nothing could be worse than to know for a person with double renal failure to wait for another 5 years just because there were no donors available at that particular moment  in India.

Fast forward 6 years and when this person died, few of his family members suggested that they donate his eyes but few still objected on this. The point here is if family members of people who have gone through the problem of not finding a donor don’t come forward to donate how will others who by god’s grace have never faced such an issue will do so.

As the number of potential donors increase, the waiting period decreases and the chances of their survival increases simultaneously.  I am not writing this to change the mindset of someone who is reading this text but even if I end up encouraging few readers who go forward and get registered themselves as an organ donor, I think my job would be very well done.

A single donor can save up to 8 lives and if you become a donor you can gift life to someone who is in extreme need of it.

Go Ahead and Give It a Thought. 

There are various NGO’s and organisations which are working on creating awareness about the same, visit few mentioned below to know more.
Donate Life India, Organ India, Notto

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