Uttar Pradesh Elections 2017

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I know Politics is something which is not be discussed in public as people have different opinions, expectations and criterion to decide whom they support and whom not. I am not writing this to influence anyone or something its just to state my opinion out there.

Uttar Pradesh has largely suffered because of this religion and caste based politics and i hoped this time around people realize that democracy is beyond voting for a person you know and who belongs to the same caste as you.

Leaders try to divide and focus on their community, promise them things if they come to power again and then work for development of only selected few. These things hurt the overall state which shows in the present condition of UP. Even yesterday Mayawati after losing was not graceful enough to accept her defeat but said that how it was possible for winners to get vote in Muslim areas.

For god sake its 2017, Muslims are not idiots they are smart, sensible and they know what needs to be done and such statements should not be allowed to be spoken as they tend to bring in differences among people which should never happen in our country.

I know BJP has not been highly successful as they stated but yes I feel that they have the intent to do something at least. They are trying to improve the society and for me that is a huge step considering what was actually going on in the whole nation.

This tweet from yesterday sums up the thinking of the nation which is totally opposite to what different opposition leaders tried to subject

When U forced whole country to stand in Bank queue and still people queued up and voted for you, you must be doing it right #ElectionResults

— Virender Sehwag (@VirenderSehweg) March 11, 2017

The way BJP has made progress to become the first party after nearly three decades to gain single handed majority shows the faith people have in BJP, not in the current state but the future eyeing the way the present is shaping up.

Huge congratulations to the people of UP who went out to vote and selected the best option out there right now to form the government. I hope things change in UP with the formation of new government and we don’t see things repeated as they were in last two terms of the caste based government.

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