Most Handsome Footballers In The World – 2017

Football has to be the most popular sport in the world with million and billions of fans and nearly every country some way or other trying to be a part of it. With so much following there comes the responsibility to look good both on and off the pitch and hence this topic always comes up, Who are the most handsome footballers in the world?

I am sure you would have also wondered about it at some moment and might already have made a list so here i am sharing mine in no random order.

Oliver Giround

Image Source : fashion-mommy

Marco Reus

Image Source : fichajes

Gerard Pique

Image Source : express

Mario Gotze

Image Source : Pinterest

Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Source: Sportsblog

James Rodriguez

Image Source: Pinterest

Sergio Ramos

Image Source : Muzul

Xabi Alonso

Image Source: Pinterest

Ricardo Kaka

Image Source : sportyghost

Cesc Fabregas

Image Source : Weheartit

Here I have listed down few of the current footballers who i feel look the best but for sure none can match this guy who already retired some time ago
Image Source : Mydapperself

I know my opinion might not match with your so feel free to comment who else we can include in this list. 

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