Best Earphone Under Rs 500

Earphones are the most important mobile accessory these days and nearly everyone uses them but the biggest problem is that they don’t last long and with so many options around its really difficult to choose one.

Boat BaseHead 225 Image
I personally went through a lot before finally deciding on the Boat BassHead 225. Although it is currently priced at Rs 699 on Amazon, I purchased it for 499 nearly a month ago and if you wait for few days you can also surely get this deal as it is mostly sold for Rs 499 only.

The first thing I look at when buying new earphones is flat cables. They are tangle free and usually last longer than the normal ones and the BassHead 225 fulfills this criteria.

The build quality is very nice plus the earplugs fit in the ear nicely. Boat all offers various sized ear buds in case the default one doesn’t fit you better.

Talking about the sound quality, these in ear earphones don’t disappoint at all. Bass, sound clearity, noise cancellation everything was good enough for the price I paid. Added advantage was the mic which also offered great sound reception for the person on the other end of the call.



  • Great build quality
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Nice bass and sound quality
  • Mic and calling button
  • Flat tangle free cables


  • The earplugs can feel heavy for few 
  • Brand name

In case you are still confused look at the some of the best selling earphones on both Flipkart and Amazon below

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